Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs we used:

 Photo Shop

 Microsoft Word


What I learned:

I learned that I could take any picture and change the way it looks or take a picture and put it together to make it look like its all one picture instead of two totally different ones. Learned how to be more professional and have a commitment to what Iím doing. We also did a fonts booklet. In the booklet we pasted words and phrases from magazines and news papers. We had to find Serif Font, San Serif Font, Decorative Font, Script Font. I now know what font to use for every project and document Iím doing.


My best work:

My best work is a picture that was taken along time ago at a school entrance and there are kids standing around and going to class. I made it look as if someone drew it as if they were standing there. It went from a regular picture to a drawing. As shown below.