How Computers Work

Assignments and Programs we used:

· Excel

· Microsoft Word

· Access


What I learned:

I learned about how to build a computer and what parts I need to make one that I would want. I learned about if I had the money If it was either cheaper or expensive to buy the computer altogether or buy each part separately and I learned that it would be cheaper to buy the computer altogether.


My best work:

My best work is an excel worksheet. It gives the prices and names of the parts that I would need to buy to make the computer. The computer I want is very high tech and it would be hard to put it together.

Down below is the excel worksheet.






Logitech G1's keyboard

Best Buy



Thacko- silent optical mouse

Best Buy







HP W2207 22" Widescreen Monitor

Circuit City











Sony SUN ultra Motherboard with processor




Kingston Technology Ram

Best Buy



Sony MSG Flash Memory Card

Yahoo shopping



Video Card NVIDIA 8800

Best Buy



D-Link-2 Bay Network storage hard drive

Best Buy















ASUS Vento 7700 System Case

Yahoo Shopping

































 $  1,572.25