Text Box: These are pictures that I put on the booklet to inform that bullying is bad.

Ethics and Internet Safety Unit

Text Box: Assignments and Programs we used: 
The assignments I did during this unit are:
A Pretest 
Internet Search Assignment
A internet scavenger  hunt
A internet safety assignment
Cyber cadet came
Mystery person
A group project that was a booklet on cyber bullying 
The assignments that I created in this class were made in the following programs:
CD game  

What I learned:                                                       I learned that bullying is not only physical and verbal, but can also be by e-mail, instant messaging, text messages, logs, pages, and website

My best work:                                                       My best work in this unit was my booklet made in publisher. The booklet was about cyber  bullying that is going on with teenagers bullying other teens.
                     See my Booklet