Text Box: This is a picture of  the           Greek Temple I applied two filters with the program Photoshop.

Introduction Unit

Text Box: Assignments and Programs we used:
The assignments I did during this unit  are:
Learned how to pronounce the nouns, words, and the alphabet the correct way in Spanish 
An essay about what I did during the summer in Spanish 
A font booklet 
And some pictures 
The assignments that I created in this class were made in the following program.

What I learned:
I learned how  to pronounce words, and the alphabet  the correct way in Spanish. I also learned how to use Photoshop and how to apply filters to a picture and how to put different pictures to another  picture  so they all make one. I also learned how to take the background of  a picture. 

My best work: 
My best work was my font booklet which I made by hand, and my essay I wrote in Spanish class.