Text Box: This is a picture of an Mp3 player. This device is used to store songs pictures and movies it also has input and output.

How Computers Work

Text Box: Assignments and Programs we used:
The assignments I did during this unit are a:
Computer Movie Worksheets (Parts 1 - 4)
The 4 Parts of a Computer Worksheet
Computer Hardware Database Reports
Binary Numbers Worksheet
Taking apart a computer Worksheet
Group Project	
Building a Computer Spreadsheet
The assignments that I created in this class were made in the following programs:

What I learned:
I learned  that it is better to buy a computer with everything then to buy the parts separate. If you buy the computer separate it is more expensive then to buy it all together. I learned some ways that a computers use memory. I learned some of the parts inside and outside a computer. 

My best work: 
Some of my best work that I did during this unit were my group project on computer memory, handout based on the presentation of computer memory, and my database. The group project was on computer memory it was six slides about the way computers used memory, the different types of memory that there is, and the difference between RAM and ROM.
The hand out was for the students that were watching the presentation and for them to answer the questions that we put on the hand out to have some notes on computer memory. The data base has the name of the device and if the device is for input, output, storage or processing and were I got the information from the internet, book the handouts our my self.

This is the hand out that my group and I made so our classmates can learn and take notes about computer memory.