Text Box: This is a picture of one of the careers that I choose to research about. They are zoologist they take care of animals health

Computers Today

Text Box: Assignments and Programs we used:
The assignments I did during this unit are a:
Group poster with lists of computerized items
Computerized Items spreadsheet 
Narrative Story (signed by a student)
Career Clusters 
Careers that use Computers worksheet (4 careers)
Computers Today presentation (turn in peer review )
Career Research printed from the Internet (1 career)
Career Poster (approved by teacher)
Computerized Items Review Sheet
The assignments that I created in this class were made in the following programs:
Power point

What I learned:
I learned that there are many jobs that use computers.  Learned about what a Zoologist was and what they did. They need to test and make new drugs. They also need to find endangered habitats and animals. I also learned all about the items that are computerized and how to know what are computerized and what aren't. An item that is computerized has to have input, output, memory, and storage. .

My best work:
My best work done during this unit were my narrative story, my presentation on four careers, and my add on the career in zoologist .My narrative about a day without computerized items and how we were going to get trough the day without them. My presentation was informing on these four careers  Zoologist   Wildlife Biologist, Photographer, Pediatrician General, and Lawyer.
My poster was about the career Zoologist Wildlife Biologist .

                See my nice narrative story
                See my pretty presentation

This is my add on  zoologist it tells you about what they do, their salary, the requirement that are needed to become a zoologist, and it tells the way that they use computers.