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†††††††††††† Hi! My name is Cecelia and I am a sophomore. I am in Computer science honors 1-2 and I am creating a portfolio about the stuff that I have done during this semester in Computer science honors. I like this class but I am good at drawing† thatís why last year I had drawing/painting 1-2. I was such a great artist that my teacher chose my Frog on a leaf colored pencil drawing (the picture to the upper right† to put into the Phoenix Union High School District art show. I didnít win a ribbon but I was just happy that out of all of her art students she picked my art work.

††††††††††††† For the first three weeks I had an advertising class but it didnít work out. There were nothing but freshmen in there and there wasnít suppose to be any because they had to take drawing/painting 1-2 first, in order to be in Advertising. The class was so easy and the teacher was teaching everything I had already learned form drawing/painting 1-2. I decided to talk to the teacher and she suggested to take honors art. I talked to my counselor and there was no way to change my schedule so I decided to take Computer Science honors 1-2. I still miss being in art class but Computer science honors 1-2 has taught me a lot of things about computers


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